TFE blends energy access expertise and digital technology to catalyse community-centred development.

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Techno-economic analysis of battery energy storage for reducing fossil fuel use

This study, commissioned by the Faraday Institution, explores how battery storage technologies can be viable and competitive in sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership with DNV GL, we explored the potential of battery systems replacing fossil fuel generator use. TFE performed value chain analyses of batteries and generators used in mini-grids and small-scale behind-the-meter power generation. The report also covers a comprehensive techno-economic model and an analysis of batteries and generators at utility scale.

Our guiding principles

Rural Industrial Development: We are passionate about moving economic value creation into communities and growing rural economies. We see rural entrepreneurs as best placed to steer development as they intimately understand local needs, see the gaps in the market and have a vested interest in the greater wellbeing of their communities beyond simple economic measures. 

The Rural Futures Fund uses data to segment, aggregate and re-finance high-yield mini-grid connections (typically entrepreneurs and productive users). Read more here.

Equity: Historically the value of interventions have been overwhelmingly measured in short term economic returns. We are motivated by holistic, long term approaches where success is viewed through an evolving matrix of indicators including social justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship and access to basic services. 

The Quality Assurance Framework is an evolving framework of standardised data-driven indicators that enables comparison and aggregation of energy projects as well as near-real time monitoring and evaluation of social, economic and environmental impact. Read more here.

Themes of interest

Energy as a key enabler: Africa and other rapidly evolving regions have several key underdeveloped sectors and large cross-sectional challenges. Energy is the foundation for modern development. Mirroring nature, the most interesting innovation happens at the dynamic edge where energy meets other key sectors, like agriculture. 

VIDA uses satellite imagery and data layers including agricultural land use to identify high value investment opportunities in frontier markets. Read more here.

Productive Uses of Energy (PUE): PUE are agricultural, commercial and industrial activities that require electricity as a direct input for production of goods or provision of services. Provision of electricity will not automatically translate into rural development; to catalyse development, PUE needs to be stimulated and both upstream and downstream value chains need to be strengthened. Outputs from PUE that service a demand in larger economic hubs characterised by a greater ability to pay present the greatest opportunity. PUE can increase rural incomes. Increasing rural incomes is an important step towards rural development and unlocking a myriad of nascent rural commercial opportunities. We believe in the potential of PUE to create value and build prosperity locally. 

Read our study on the development of metrics to quantify the relationship of energy and production along whole value chains and using these tools to prioritise energy investments into agricultural value chains in Myanmar [coming soon].

Data: Modern technology is enabling unprecedented high resolution insights into frontier markets. We are investing in data analytics to improve efficiency, to unlock new business models and to unlock new customer segments.

Read our report on how data and digital technologies are transforming energy access. Read more here.

Our partners

We are privileged to have built 'genuine symbiotic relationships' with partners across the entire energy value chain.

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